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Help & Info about Google Translate for android

  • What is Google Translate?

    Google Translate is an app from Google which takes sentences in one language and translates them into a different language. It is available on Android, and across all other major operating systems both on phones/tablets and PCs.
  • Does Google Translate work?

    Yes. Although, of course the technology isn’t as good as a native speaker yet, if you want accurate translations at the touch of a button, then Google Translate is the perfect app. It does a great job of translating simple sentences, and even offers alternative options for some words to help you get your point across.
  • How does Google Translate work?

    Google uses user data combined with artificial intelligence. It looks at how frequently translations are accepted between users, the context of words and phrases and generally aims to give a translation which most previous users have accepted. The more random your request, the potentially less accurate the result will be.
  • What permissions does the Google Translate app ask for?

    The app requires access to your camera, contacts, microphone messaging and storage.
  • Why does Google Translate need so many permissions?

    Google translate needs access to your camera because it can actually translate text you see, such as a menu or a signpost. The microphone is used for directly translating speech from one language to another. Storage is needed to work offline and the other permissions allow Google Translate to work across your other apps, so you can translate on the go during messaging, for example.
  • Does Google Translate work offline?

    If you are unable to connect to the internet, the data file for a language can be stored on your phone. The more languages you want the app to be able to translate offline, the more data files you can download.
  • Is Google Translate free?

    Like many Google products, it is completely free. Instead of payment, Google collects user data, partly in order to improve its service.
  • How often is Google Translate updated?

    Google Translate for Android is regularly updated. The vast majority of these updates are tiny improvements in each language database. As time goes on, the app becomes increasingly accurate and these updates are passed onto the user.
  • Does Google Translate store my data?

    The way Google Translate works is based on comparing your translation request with the millions of similar ones that have happened before. Your own searches go towards Google’s database of translations, meaning that the data is stored and used to make future translations better.
  • Is Google Translate for Android safe?

    While there is no problem for most users, it is recommended that confidential information is not translated on this app, unless you are happy to have Google retain the information in its translation database. Aside from that, there are no security risks using the app.


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