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Google Translate for Chrome for Windows

  • Free
  • In English
  • Version: 2.0.9

Free Add-on for Chrome Users

Google Translate for Chrome is a free online translation service that works as an extension for Google Chrome. Users simply select their target language and paste the text that they need to translate into the box on the left hand side. Choose the language that you want the text to appear in, press the blue Translate button and you will receive your translation almost instantly.

Lost in Translation

Despite being one of the best free translation tools around, users will quickly discover that Google Translate for Chrome is far from perfect. Even simple phrases are likely to come out rather jumbled and even completely wrong. The most reliable translations are between European languages such as English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, while the add-on is next to useless when it comes to translating European languages into Asian languages and vice versa.

Are You a Cunning Linguist?

People who are looking for a casual way to translate phrases to communicate with business clients or loved ones may want to put Google Translate for Chrome through its paces. However, people who require accurate translations for business purposes would be better paying for professional translation services, especially when it comes to Asian languages.


  • Easy to use
  • Can translate up to 500 words at a time


  • Can be very unreliable
  • Does not work with most Asian languages

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Google Translate for Chrome


Google Translate for Chrome 2.0.9 for PC

User reviews about Google Translate for Chrome

  • Aidan Matthew

    by Aidan Matthew

    I am really glad that they made a Chrome extension of this Google Translation tool. This is my most favorite and trusted translation toMore

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    Google Translate for Chrome is very worthy to part of your Chrome extension collection. This small piece of software can provide you anMore

  • Tobias Agustin

    by Tobias Agustin

    If you want a translation tool that do not require to be installed in the system, this Google Translate for Chrome is especially made fMore

  • Krishna Javier

    by Krishna Javier

    I really love how this Google Translation extension tool works. Its just so simple that users who don't have prior technical knowledge More

  • Ahmet Mustafa

    by Ahmet Mustafa

    As a linguist, this translation tool is a haven for us. It largely help us to learn and know more language translation of a certain worMore

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