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Google Translate 4.4.0.RC01

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Google Translate allows you to translate words, phrases, or texts from one language to another. View full description


  • Translates from text, picture, voice, and SMS
  • 60 supported languages
  • Functions to translate offline
  • Good voice recognition
  • You can hear the pronunciation


  • The translations are not always perfect


Google Translate allows you to translate words, phrases, or texts from one language to another.

It offers numerous features, supports more than 60 languages ??(including English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc.), and can even translate while offline to a reasonable degree.

Translated from texts, photos, drawings, or SMS

Google Translate is a pocket translator that you can have confidence in. Write the words or phrases you want to translate, choose the original language, then the desired language, and it will convert the text in real-time.

The app also allows you to translate audio and words written on a whiteboard app. It also allows you to translate a text captured by the camera.

Google Translate allows for offline translations. To do this, you must download packages for the desired languages (about 200 MB each) from the configuration menu. After that, you will no longer need an Internet connection to translate - which is especially useful when traveling abroad.

Minimalist interface design

Google Translate can also translate SMS with ease. When you choose the option, you will be shown a list of all your received messages. Just select one, and the app will provide an immediate translation.

The program also shows the chronology of all your translations, allowing you to mark specific ones so you always have them to hand. Finally, Google Translate lets you listen to the pronunciation of both your entries and their translations.

Google Translate has a simple, minimalist design. Interface functions are well organized and easy to use, even for the inexperienced.

The most complete translation app

Translating with Google Translate is child's play. The quality of translations is good, although as with all similar apps translations may be inaccurate.

The ability to translate from texts, photos, SMS, or voice via dictation makes the program complete from all points of view. And the opportunity of being able to use it offline by downloading language packs make it essential for those who regularly need a translator for study, work, or pleasure.

Don’t believe us? The author of this post, Alessandro, is from Italy. I easily translated this whole thing using Google Translate – and I don’t speak any Italian.


  • Show "Did you mean" suggestions.
  • More handwriting languages.
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Google Translate 4.4.0.RC01

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