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Translate words and phrases into more than 50 languages

Google Translate for iPhone is a useful app that serves as a translator for all sorts of situations.
What can the app do?
With more than 50 different languages currently available, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a widely spoken language not covered by Google Translate. Much like Google Translate for Android, the iPhone app is simple to use. Just choose the language you’ll be typing in and the language you want to translate into, and start typing a word or phrase. That’s all it takes to get your translation with Google Translate.
A select number of languages also have an audio feature in Google Translate, where you can have the translation spoken by a native speaker to know exactly what it sounds like. This is great for language learners. It can also be used in a situation where you need to speak to someone who doesn’t speak your own language if you’re concerned about butchering the pronunciation.
What else can Google Translate be used for?
Google Translate is also wonderful for deciphering emails and documents you receive that are in foreign languages. In addition, if you’re trying to translate from English to Spanish (or vice versa) there is a very neat feature that allows you to actually speak the sentence you want translated and to get a written and spoken response translated into the other language.
Of course, like most non-human translators, Google Translate is not always accurate in its offerings. Expect some translations to be a little off the mark or to not account for gender differences in languages that make those distinctions. These are problems that will occur with any non-human translation program, however. If you’re looking to translate a document just for your own comprehension, however, Google Translate generally does a good enough job for you to get the gist of what’s been written.
Google Translate is a wonderful translation option for your mobile device, with lots of languages to choose from.

Esperanto translation Tap to copy translation Added Thai and Slovak text to speech Added Arabic and Hebrew voice input


  • Esperanto translation Tap to copy translation Added Thai and Slovak text to speech Added Arabic and Hebrew voice input


  • 57 included languages
  • Voice translation possible
  • Translates very quickly
  • Supports text-to-speech option


  • Frequent voice translation errors


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Google Translate


Google Translate 6.11 for iPhone


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